Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Shereè Whitfield Has a Sex Tape. So Says Her Ex-Husband Who Threatened to Release It!

Retired NFL player Bob Whithield called into the Nigel and Marco radio show to throw some major grease at ex-wife Shereè, who now stars on the Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Bob says he "feels like a mad scientist [who] created Frankentein."

He also had a little advice for Hereè, um, Shereé: "I'm happy you're doing something. If this is what you need to catapult you to your next career, I'm cool. But quit trying to trash me and then use my damn last name."

But that's not it.

It seems like during their marriage, Shereè made a sex tape and took some scandalous (read: naked) photos, which Bob threatened to release.

Interesting. So, maybe that's why she dropped that lawsuit not too long ago.

Shereè, girl, maybe it's time you call Pookie and dem.

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Anonymous said...

I am sorry, he's crossed eyed what is he talking about?

Le Nouveau Noir said...

Sheree is so boring... I wish HE would crawl under a rock *yawn*

Anonymous said...

Well, we see "Who gone check me, boo?"

Anonymous said...

He sounds like a damn fool. Talking about posting a sex video that he did with his then WIFE and the MOTHER of his CHILDREN. That cross-eyed bastard is lucky anybody would let him breathe their way let alone have sex with him....UGLY SHREK!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad somebody putting her arrogant azz on blast. But, if that was done while they were married HE is bogus, it was done during the sanctity of their marriage. So, what he's cross-eyed !? People whose eyes are like that have medical problems with their eyes. Leave Bob alone I heard he is nice and had tolerated her stupidity far too long.

Anonymous said...

Bob seems like a nice guy - and real funny! I guess this is the Boo that's gonna check Heree...I mean Sheree! Serves her right...if it weren't for him she wouldn't have been considered for the show. She plucks my last nerve with her arrogant self. It's ok to have nice things and to be about your biz...but you don't need to step on someone else to move up! Good for you Bob...keep those tapes on tuck so she can shut her mouth about you!

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