Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What?! Michael Jackson's Son Has Vitiligo

Well according to LaToya, Michael's oldest child, 12-year-old Prince, inherited his father's rare skin condition.

She tells new! magazine:
"Vitiligo is on my father's side and Prince has it, too - on his arms and chest."

Hold on a mudder-effin minute. Didn't Michael use donated sperm and a surrogate mother to produce his children?

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lodak said...

I told y'all those was his kids...

Anonymous said...

Look At The White Spots On His Neck In The Photo Above,This Doesn't PROVE He's The Bio Dad To Ignorant People, BUT This Is A Genetic Disease.And I Do Believe They Are His Biological Kids!

Anonymous said...

Lord...all these Photoshoped photos going around. People will cling to anything to believe what they want. We all love MJ, but in our right minds we know what was up.

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