Monday, November 9, 2009

Womans Steals $21,000 So Boyfriend Will Dump Her

Do you want to dump a clingy boyfriend but don't want to hurt his feelings?

Check this out:
A Canadian woman claims she was trying to show her former boyfriend she wasn’t marriage material when she stole $21,000 from his credit card. Maria Ignacio of Winnipeg told court officials that her boyfriend, who is permanently disabled, was “too clingy” and that she didn’t know how else to get rid of him. So, she stole his credit card, and over the course of four months withdrew $21,000 in cash.

Maria, 42, and the unidentified man were in an on-again off-again relationship for five years. She told the judge stealing his money was the only way she knew to get rid of him.
The judge wasn't buying it and ordered Maria to repay the money in addition to a $750 fine and one-year probation. Lucky for her, she kept the money she stole in a shoe box. But to add to the drama that is Maria's life, at the time of her arrest, she had just completed a two-year sentence for stealing money from another boyfriend. (She spent that cash gambling.)

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