Monday, December 28, 2009

Georgia County to Charge Car Crash Victims For Saving Their Lives

Municipalities around the country are doing whatever they can to bridge the budget gap, but this scheme in DeKalb County, Georgia is going a bit over the top. We think.

The county (which includes several cities including Decatur, Pine Lake and parts of Atlanta) plans to charge $250 to car crash victims. Let's rephrase: If you get in a car crash and the fire department has to forcibly remove you from the wreck, you'll be charged $250. (Well, you'll be charged for the first wreck, if you were to get into another terrible accident, that extrication will be free.)

Officials try to rationalize the fee, saying it will prevent tax hikes and layoffs.

The question then is: What if someone can't pay the $250, will they just let you die?

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