Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Was Rachel Uchitel Tiger Woods' $15,000-per-month Madam?

Remember last week when Rachel Uchitel planned this massive press conference where she was going to put all (and we mean all!) of Tiger Woods' messy laundry into the streets, but then she suddenly changed her mind and canceled the presser?

Well, there may be good reason why Tiger allegedly paid her at least $1 million to keep quiet.

According to the folks over at Deadspin, Rachel was on Tiger's payroll and, aside from being his jumpoff, she knew all of his other dirty little secrets all too well.

"[Rachel's] main job was to provide women for Tiger during his globetrotting excursions to various tournaments, charity functions and fuck-and-run private-jet weekends with his Fortune 500 party pals that he seemed to enjoy so much," the site reports.

What exactly are they talking about, you ask?

"Rachel Uchitel works for Tiger the minute he gets off the plane wherever he is: from dinner, to photos, to nightclubs, to drugs, to girls — whatever he wants," says Serge, a VIP concierge who has worked with Rachel at the Las Vegas nightclub.

The report says Rachel has been hooking Tiger up with a steady stream of women through this "concierge service". Actually, between 20 to 30 women!

When the Enquirer followed her to Australia last month, she was reportedly on a trip scouting for new women for Tiger.

"She knows everybody and everybody knows her," Serge adds. "The clubs pay her big money for the clients that she brings in. She's not a fucking floozy or nothing. She's a real event planner. She's not just some girl that lifts up the velvet rope and sucks guy's dicks. She's the kind of girl that when you talk to her, you know, she's all business. She's beautiful, she's smart and her agenda is to land big clients — not big boyfriends."

He says Tiger paid Rachel about $15,000-per-month to handle his "affairs" and she would also take home roughly $50,000 in tips!

So, if Rachel had gone on with that press conference, she would have brought down the entire sport industry, because they all, in some way, were using her services.

Remember, Rachel has said she's a businesswoman. Now, we really understand.


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