Thursday, January 14, 2010

Cops Arrest Man Sneaking Out 14-year-old Girl's Bedroom Window at 4am

Atlanta police have charged a 31-year-old man with child molestation and sodomy after catching him in a 14-year-old girl's bedroom.

According to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the girl's mother called authorities around 4am Saturday after hearing footsteps in her daughter's bedroom because she's hot in the pants and have sneaked boys into bedroom before.

After cops arrived and knocked on the bedroom door, a shoeless Kenneth Bernard Williams (pictured) jumped out of the window, where a second deputy was waiting. Busted!

The girl told police she met Kenneth (who was carrying six condoms at the time of his arrest) a few months ago after he accidentally called her telephone number. But, instead of saying, "I'm sorry, you have the wrong number" the two started talking.

According to the girl, Kenneth asked, "Are you legal?" She told him she was "only 13." But according to the girl, that didn't stop Kenneth from pursing a relationship with her. She also told deputies that she and Kenneth had sex.

He says the girl told him she was 18 and they never had sex.



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