Monday, January 11, 2010

The Question, Then, Is, Why Was She Lying in The Road At 2 in The Morning?

A woman from Sarasota, Fla. was crushed to death by a car early Saturday morning while lying on a dark street at 2:30 a.m. in a sketchy part of town.

The woman - Mary Kopta, 23 -- was run over by a car driven by Joanna Bartell, 27, of Lecanto, according to the St. Petersburg Times.

The Florida Highway Patrol doesn't know why Mary was in the road and say Joanna was not drunk or high and could not have avoided the woman. The coroner is conducting toxicology tests on Mary to see if she was drunk or high.

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Anonymous said...

why are you blogging about someone you don't even know?? this girl has a family and friends that don't need some stanger exploiting their loved one's death...everyone has made questionable decisions at one point in their life and mary's happened to tragicially end her matter how stupid her actions were no one deserves to be killed like that and then have it splashed all over the internet like it's everybody's business...please show some respect for the dead

Anonymous said...

I agree with your question. WHY was she laying in thr road at 2 am? And why did the girl with her say she was driving then say she wasn't? The girl with her got away with murder and will pay one day. Jealously is an evil thing. This friend she was with was jealous of Mary and her relationship with the friend they were going to visit.? Everyone knows what you did. Just so crazy you got away with it...for now. Someone should and will seek to have this case re-opened.

Anonymous said...

I agree something doesn't sound right about the story the other girl involved in this case. Those who knew the other girl and her family know how crazy they ALL are especially the GIRL driving with Mary. Several people say that girl is crazy and is capable of anything. She's even threatened other people in sarasota for dating her kids rather while they were separated.If you ask around enough you find out who a person is and how crazy they are.

Anonymous said...

The girl that was involved in this case now lives in Phoenix Arizona a has a history of threatening people.

Unknown said...

Yeah but here's the real kicker, the girl with Mary that night is now married and has multiple kids with the guy that Mary was sleeping with/dating at the time........hidden agenda maybe? And he's just as crazy if not crazier than this girl

Anonymous said...

Was that even brought up to the detectives attention? Strange that they up and moved and so did her family. I bet the homeowner's association in Prescott Arizona, her stepfather is president of wouldn't be to happy of the family's long court history. And the fact that his son was accused of stolen valor for saying he was an army ranger in manatee county. He said he was a ranger of 19 years and on served 1 year and change. That family is covered in secrets and lies.

Anonymous said...

Does the IRS recognize the foundation Amanda & her family started and are they paying taxes? Something to be looked into because so many people start foundations and con people out of money withoutgiving the government their share.

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