Friday, January 8, 2010

Report: Morgan Freeman's Step-Granddaughter Wants To Have His Babies

Actor Morgan Freeman alleged affair with his step-granddaughter, E’Dena Hines -- whom he plans to marry once his divorce from Myrna, his wife of 25 years, is finalized -- has just got more absurd.

The National Enquirer says Morgan, who's 73 years old, and E’Dena, 27, are planning to start a family.

“E’Dena wants Morgan’s baby. She believes that will give her a final hold on Morgan and, after his divorce with Myrna is over, she will end up marrying him....Morgan has gone along with E’Dena’s wishes of having a baby. He knows it would be disastrous is E’Dena blew up and went public with everything she knows," a source told a Enquirer.

But, Myrna is not having any of that mess.

"Myrna knows about Morgan’s relationship with E’Dena, but when she heard about E’Dena’s plans to get pregnant by Morgan, Myrna was furious," sources say. “Myrna told E’Dena, ‘If you think you’re having his baby, you’ve got another thing coming’”

Adds the source: “Myrna never gave Morgan children of his own. E’Dena believes if she can give him a baby, she would win his heart forever. And if she can’t give him a child of their own, she wants to adopt.”

Source: National Enquirer, Jan. 18, print edition.
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