Friday, February 5, 2010

Granny: Jersey Shore is 'Disgusting', Someone is Gonna Get AIDS

Frankly, we don't get why these kids are famous and neither does this granny, who believes, among other things, the show's a breeding ground for AIDS and Swine Flu. Anderson Cooper agrees. On his show Wednesday night, he said of "Snooki", whom he refers to as "it": "Have you seen her in the hot tub? I've seen that on The Soup. It's not pretty. It's like a Petri dish." We live for messy queens. Anderson we love you.
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Anonymous said...

I agree that Jersey Shore is disgusting... I mean... come on!

Snookie? Guidos and Guidettes? They are the LOWEST of the LOW of Italian Americans! Grow up, get a life, and have a little self respect.

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