Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Jesus Luz Dumped Madonna

Madonna and Jesus Luz have broken up. That's according to the Chicago Sun Times' columnist Bill Zwecker who say it was Jesus who kicked Madonna to the curb because she's too old for him and they have nothing in common. Did he figure that out before or after he used her celebrity to become famous?

Bill writes:
While it's true that Madonna and Jesus Luz, her boytoy of the past year, have gone their separate ways -- it not only was totally amicable, but it was Luz who initiated the split. Apparently, the 23-year-old Brazilian realized their age difference (she's 51) and overall lack of mutual interests nixed a long-term relationship.
There have been so many reports of these two breaking up then getting back together that we don't know what to believe, but one of Jesus' ex-girlfriends have said Madonna was too old for him and that the singer should find a man her own age and leave Jesus alone.

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Anonymous said...

Yum. I'll take Madge's left-overs. He's yummy-looking.

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