Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Mz Berry's Ex Puts Her on Blast!


After all the drama that went down on last night's reunion of For the Love of Ray J 2, we're exhausted. But, we eked out some energy when this dose of drama dropped into our laps. You see, Mz Berry didn't see or talk to Ray J in the five months since she crowned winner not just because their relationship is doomed or that they were trying to be discreet and didn't want to spoil the ending, but because she was rekindling a relationship with her ex-boyfriend! Stu, the aforementioned ex, called into the TT Torrez radio show (airing on iPower 92.1 in Richmond) this afternoon to spill the tea. Among the things he said about Mz Berry (or Connie): She's emotionally needy, clingy, a liar and a freak in the bedroom. And, oh, yes, she went on the show to kick start her own singing career. Aren't you gagging?
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Anonymous said...

I have been watching Reality Shows for a min now and we ALL know that none of those people go on those shows for "love", but I really thought she was really into Ray J (with all the mini meltdowns). It's a mess anyway(and I love it!)

How you durrin'!

Anonymous said...

He does sound like a mad ex. If he was so concerned about being "hush hush" about their thing because her divorce wasn't final but NOW you wanna speak out? Seems like someone wants more listeners for their radio show.

She said that she was recently divorced and ready for a serious relationship. Obviously she didn't see you as a serious relationship? So what.

Anonymous said...

Knowing what she did to her husband? She didn't do anything. She got involved with him as she was ending her marriage. His story is so much bull!!! At the end he says "oh she's in it for the music career". Hahahahaha. Don't you think that would have been mentioned that in the beginning. He just wants more listeners. This dude is pathetic. And it's funny how he's saying oh she's probably gonna come back and retaliate. Ya think? If someone tried to lie on your name you'd do the same. Talkin' bout he's hurt cause their daughters played together. She wasn't on there to talk about her kid's friends. And it makes it more obvious that you were just a cut buddy if ya'll been "talkin" for a year and you don't have a relationship with her son!!! Can you say this dude is an idiot?!?

Anonymous said...

This fool just looking for his 15 minutes of fame. And who wouldn't listen in for the ratings. Come on now! What idiot can't see straight through that? You have got to be kidding me. People just can't stand to see people happy. Dude, get a life!!!!

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