Thursday, February 4, 2010

Tiger Woods Goes Crazy When Told He Has To Take Lie Detector Test

Tiger Woods is supposedly getting the brain of his penis rewired. Well, what else could he be doing at the Gentle Path clinic, since psychiatrists say sex addition is a real mental disorder?

But one thing's for sure: The process is brutal.

According to the National Enquirer's spies, when Tiger Woods found out he had to take a lie detector test "he went absolutely ballistic" and was fed lots and lots of drugs to get him under control.

"Tiger came into the program believing there was nothing wrong with him," a source says. "Sex addicts are continual liars, but there's no lying inside Gentle Path. When Tiger went into therapy, he didn't know that the lie detector was part of the deal. He was so stunned that he started having anxiety attacks. He began having trouble sleeping and the center prescribed medications to help with the stress."

In the end, however, he took the lie detector test over and over again -- it's given until you fess up about everything -- because had he continued to refuse, he would've been kicked out of program and Elin would take their kids to Sweden and, oh, yeah, he would look even more like a jerk in the public's eye.

Source; National Enquirer, Feb., 15, print edition.
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