Friday, February 19, 2010

WATCH: Epic Beard Man Speaks on Bus Beatdown

On Monday the world learned an important lesson: Do not to mess with Thomas "I'm A Motherfucker" Bruso aka Epic Beard Man. Since the airing of that one awesome video, he has become a hero to many. Someone tracked him down on a street in Oakland where Thomas opened up about the events of that day. He said the fight began over a shoe shine controversy. He said the black man, who served time in prison for murder and is on parole, drew a knife then struck him in the face first. We all know what happened next. Thomas isn't as tough as you think, however. He broke down in tears as he spoke of his mother, but left us with a very important take-away point: "Don't fuck with senior citizens." Noted.
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Fuego said...

I like this guy...

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