Thursday, February 25, 2010

WATCH: Woman Throws Baby on Sidewalk

After the media filed papers, this surveillance footage of a woman throwing her baby on a sidewalk in Australia was released this week. The drunk unidentified woman got into an argument with her boyfriend because he wouldn't take her home after they all were out on the town getting sauced. So, she decided to get his attention by throwing their baby on the ground. Clearly, bish lost her f*cking mind! She's now facing child endangerment charges.
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Anonymous said...

Is she black? This is like the 2nd time this week I've see video of Blacks in Australia. Didn't know we knew the down under, lol. Now I know better.

Ashley said...

this made me cry. she threw that baby sooo hard omg! look how she fights for the baby back when they take the baby from her. she should be charged with attempted manslaughter not endangerment. i pray that baby is ok!!!! as a mother, i dont know how anyone could do this to a baby, drunk or not.

Anonymous said...

That is horrible. A poor innocent child suffers at the hands of his/her own mother. There's no reason in the world that this should have transpired, what a waste of life, this woman is. She should be stoned. What the hell is wrong with people?

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