Friday, February 12, 2010

The Wife of Fantasia Barrino's Boyfriend Considers Suing Fantasia For Being a Homewrecker

Has Fantasia admitted that she's dating and shacked up with cellphone salesman Antwuan Cook yet? We haven't been paying much attention to the whole alleged homewreckerish situation, but some recent information has made us suddenly interested.

Paula -- Antwuan's 36-year-old school teacher wife and mother of his two children (ages 5 and 18 months) -- is so ticked off, she's "seriously considering" suing Fantasia for stealing her husband, according to The Globe.

Friends say Paula and Antwuan, 30, were happy together until Fantasia, 25, walked into that T-Mobile cellphone store and stole her man.

Should she choose to file, Paula (pictured, below with her older son) has a good chance of winning a case against Fantasia, because in North Carolina -- where they all live -- there's a little-known law called "criminal conversation." That law says, in no uncertain terms, that it's illegal to have sex with someone who is married and courts can award compensatory and punitive damages to a wife who has been cheated on. Think it's all a crock? Well, in 2001, a jury awarded a woman $1.4 million under the law.

Since all of this sounded a little crazy, we did some digging. The law does exist, much to the chagrin of legislators and lobby groups who have been trying for years to have it repealed. Not only is "criminal conversation" alive and well in North Carolina, it doesn't take much for a scorned husband or wife to prevail in court.

According to a family law attorney: "...there does not need to be a picture or video of these acts. Most often the acts are inferred based on other, less graphic, evidence such as text messages, emails, social networking web pages, public displays of affection and the opportunity for sexual activity to occur. A very simplified explanation is that the plaintiff needs to prove “inclination” and “opportunity.” If the defendant and the spouse are seen kissing in public, dating, making frequent or unusually timed phone calls, and/or there is evidence that the defendant and the spouse have spent overnights together in a hotel or other private location, they can likely be found to have had both the inclination for the infidelity and the opportunity to act on it....In criminal conversation cases, it does not matter if the plaintiff's spouse consented to the adultery, pursued the defendant, or if the plaintiff and his or her spouse were separated at the time."

Uh-oh. We've seen pictures of Fantasia with Antwuan (pictured shirtless, above) on vacation together in Barbados, she had a tattoo of his name on her shoulder (but later covered it with a heart) and, since they are supposedly living together in her Charlotte home, you can all but assume they're having sex -- and lots of it.

Suddenly this little affair could get a lotta messy and we're on it!

Source: The Globe, Feb. 22, print edition source 2
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Anonymous said...

This is great news. I sincerely hope the wife sues Fantasia -- the financial burden of the affair to the children will be heavy. Fantasia should pay for her actions. There is real damaage when a father is enticed away from the home. The husband should share in the damages.

Anonymous said...

I think that is just plain out stupid. I am sorry for the wife and kids but the husband clearly not worried, she needs to be taking him to court for child support not Fantasia. If there is a problem why take it out on the female when your husband don't want to be with you anymore

johnica1 said...

I think that Fantasia is a giving and loving person and no one is asking if she even knew the man was married until it was too late. I agree with other posts on here that the wife should take it out on the husband. No one knows what that man told Fantasia. He could have said they were separated, divorced whatever. Why is it that because she is a star with some money that every one assumes she is a bad person and has money to be sued for. She already takes care of half the darn county anyway, I guess someone figures they should get some too. For that matter we dont know if the whole thing was a set up by the husband and wife.

Anonymous said...

Good! Place her head on a stick and put it out in the middle of NC's version of Time Square. Once boundaries are crossed and families are ruined there are no rules to who get's got and in what order. Mrs. Wifey...Get Her! She can deal with him when/how she feels.

Anonymous said...

I do not think cellphone salesman makes a lot. According North Caroline laws Paula's will be compensated by her husband, because he is made commitment to her (not Fantasia) and he is cheater (not Fantasia)..

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