Thursday, March 11, 2010

Howard Stern Will Not Apologize For Saying Gabourey Sibide is 'Enormous As a Planet', He's Just Trying to Save Her Life

The claws are out. Howard Stern is catching some serious heat over the comments he made on his radio show Monday about Precious star Gabourey Sibide. On his show yesterday, Howard explained why he called Gabby fat. Plus, he said while he has "nothing against her," and "did enjoy her performance [in Precious]" it wasn't acting and, oh, "she's going to kill herself." What?!?
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J said...

She's big as a house, no one even mentions the fact that her FAT got her the role in precious... We have an epidemic of obeese children in North America, in case you haven't noticed! Stern has a point, what role can she land in Hollywood? The actors and presenters that applaud Gabby, are being SO disingenuous... Don't you think for a minute that this woman has a future in Hollywood... SHAME on you Hollywood types for building up her hopes!!!

Jon said...

Agreed. Stern is right: she is effing FAT! And while I think it's great that Black actresses (and especially fat ones) can get film roles, I do think it's sending the wrong message. If she didn't happen to be fat, she wouldn't have got the role, and Stern is right: she's just a prop! I hate that fat people get exploited, but that is the case here. It's unfortunate that Howard Stern is right on the money, but he is VERY MUCH correct. Everything he says! She is fat, those are the facts. She gets props because she is FAT and gets USED as a prop, and no one else has the balls to mention this. She gets work because she's a "hot item" at the moment, but in the long run, Stern is right. She'll be out of work within the end of the year. Sorry. I love Sidibe, and loved her in "Precious," but she IS fat! And she won't get work once her 15 minutes of fame dies. And that is just sad.

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