Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Jailer Ripped Grill Off Inmate's Teeth

One jailer's actions is now costing the city of Nashville almost $100,000.

Last November Anthony McCoy was arrested for failing to pay child support and two counts of violation of an order of protection and harassment. But when a sheriff's deputy ordered him to remove the gold grill from his mouth, Anthony said he couldn't because it was permanently attached to his teeth. That's when Lt. Tanya Mayhew stepped in. According to The Tennessean, Tanya put on a rubber glove, stuck her hand into Anthony's mouth and yanked out the gold grill cemented to his teeth.


He was thrown in a cell without any medical care. When he complained about the blood in his mouth and the throbbing pain, he was given Tylenol. After 10 days, the jail finally allowed him to be seen by a dentist.

The newspaper says Tanya was demoted and suspended for five days because of the incident, which puzzles her bosses because there was no policy against inmates having grillz.

Anthony (pictured above after the incident) claims he needs $10,000 worth of dental surgery. The jail and city of Nashville are planning to settle the case for $95,000, which includes some cash for pain and suffering.

Now, he will have no problem paying his child support.

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