Wednesday, March 24, 2010

LISTEN: Woman Calls 911 From Jail To Say She's Trapped

Carly A. Houston, 29, was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct at 1:40am Sunday after she became belligerent and refused to pay a $6.60 cab fare.

When she got to jail, however, instead of calling a bail bondsman, Carly called 911 to say she was "trapped inside the Naperville (Illinois) police detention facility." For that, she gained another charge: making a false 911 report.

What Had Happened Was: The picked Carly up in downtown Houston and she asked to taken to a street, but not to a specific address. When the driver asked for a specific destination, he said Carly "yelled, screamed, cursed and extended (both) middle fingers [at him] and threatened bodily harm" toward him. Fed up with her ish, he pulled over at a gas station and asked her to pay the $6.60 and get the eff out of his cab, but Carly wasn't having it. She continued to cuss him out until cops arrived and hauled her off that facility where she later told 911 she was trapped.

Despite the added charges, she made bail is due in court on April 20.

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