Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Naomi Campbell Continues to Discipline The Help

Supermodel Naomi Campbell, 39, is back to her old tricks again and no weren't talking about silking down catwalks -- we're talking about her second favorite pastime, beating people up side the head.

Miodrag Mejdina, 27, was chauferring Naomi to a film studio in NYC when she snapped and struck him in the back of the head while he was driving, causing him to hit his head on the steering wheel.

After the attack, Miodrag pulled over and flagged down a traffic cop to report the assault at which time Naomi jumped out of the Escalade and ran away. Fleeing the scene in her six-inch walkers.

Sources say Naomi was angry over an incident that happened more than a year ago. Apparently Naomi tried to reach her boyfriend, Vladimir Doronin (who also has a violent streak) on his cell phone last year and he didn't answer. Then she called Miodrag, who was driving Vladimir at the time, and he didn't answer. So, Naomi accused him of covering up for Vladimir.

Yes, we know. Nuttiness.

Miodrag suffered bruising and swelling under an eye and was treated by the Emergency Medical Service at police station; he has declined to press charges. But cops still want to question one Miss Campbell.

In 2000, Naomi pleaded guilty to assault in Toronto after she attacked an assistant and hit her around the head with a jewel-encrusted mobile phone.

In 2007, she was sentenced in a New York court to a week's community service sweeping floors and scrubbing toilets after pleading guilty to misdemeanor assault after she threw her cell phone at a maid after a pair of her jeans went missing.

And two years ago, she pleaded guilty to kicking and spitting at police at London's Heathrow airport after luggage went missing. She was sentenced to 200 hours community service.

She has also been sued by several former employees, who have accused her of violent outbursts.

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Joann said...

Naomi hasn't ran up on the right person yet. Somebody is going to bitch slap her back to hell one day...mark my words.

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