Friday, March 5, 2010

Report: Tyra Takes Cheap To a Whole 'Nother Level

Tyra Banks is the self-professed Queen of Cheap, but what she allegedly gave to staffers (many of whom relocated to NYC from Los Angeles) as a goodbye gift for their years of service to her talk show, which is soon going dark, is making some people angry, gagging and running to the tabs.

One of those staffers told the Enquirer, Tyra promised them a "special gift." Obviously, they thought she would open her wallet and give them a nice bonus, but instead she gave them a photo -- taken by another staff member.


"The photographer was going around the party taking pictures of staffer standing awkwardly alone. Meanwhile, Tyra waved goodbye and left. We didn't even get our photo taken with Tyra! And the photographer was using a small digital camera to get the same pictures staffers were taking with their own camera," the staffer said.

The Enquirer also reported that in 2007, Tyra gave her staff McDonald's burgers as Christmas gifts and in 2006, she gave everyone a $15 iTunes gift certificate.

Source: National Enquirer, March 15, print edition.
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Joann said...

Tyra needs to be ashamed of herself.
All the money she has and this is her way of showing appreciation for all the hard work her staff has put in toward making her show a success.

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