Monday, April 5, 2010

Food Thief Won't Go to Jail Because He's Too Fat

A 600-pound man arrested for scamming restaurants for free food won't have to go to jail because he's too fat.

No. Seriously.

George Jolicoeur, 38, of Sanford, Fla. pleaded no contest to five counts of felony petty theft and prosecutors will not request he be sentenced to jail because the cost of the medical care he requires made it too expensive to incarcerate him. So he will have to pay a fine and remain in the nursing home where he now lives. He's also bed-ridden and requires a respirator to breathe.

George scammed restaurants and stores by ordering food and then complaining about the quality and refusing to pay for it. In 2005 he drank five milkshakes at a restaurant and then complained the milk was "off" and refused to pay. In 2007, he ate almost $50 worth of beef jerky from a 7-Eleven, then left without paying because he said some of it was moldy. In another scam, he returned a gallon of ice cream to 7-11, but said 10 others were damaged; the store reimbursed him $50.

In 2005, George pleaded no contest to five similar crimes.

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