Thursday, April 8, 2010

Report: Mo'Nique Has Turned into a 'Monster' Since Winning Oscar

Mo'Nique is a "monster" and an out of control diva since winning the Best Supporting Actress Oscar, according a report in the National Enquirer.

A staffer at her talk show tells the tabloid, "[Mo'Nique] is just like pure evil! She's rude, controlling and has a foul mouth -- contantstantly swearing like a truck driver. Before her Oscar win she was a pleasure to work with -- very accomodating and kind. But now she's turned into a monster."

The insider says on Mo'Nique's first day back to the set after the Oscars she walked into a staff meeting, but no one clapped -- and that was a problem. A may-jah problem.

"She told the staff, 'That is no way to treat an Oscar winner! I deserve more respect than that. I'm going to walk out of the room and walk back, and I better get the standing ovation I derserve.' The staff was appauled but had no choice but to stand up and clap for their boss."

Perhaps, she was joking, because that is just unbelievable.

Now everyone (including producers who have asked her to "diversify" guests) are on pins and needles around her because they fear they will be fired if they don't do as she says, because as she now tells them, "This is my show, if you have a problem you can leave."

We. Can. Not.

Source: National Enquirer, April 19, print edition

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LSG said...

That hussy needs to learn how to shave her legs!

Jhenelle said...

If she is not going to shave her legs then PLEASE put pants on

She makes me gag uncontrollably.... eeewww!!

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