Friday, April 16, 2010

This is Just Nasty and Disgusting!

This man is pimping his dogs out to "clients." Eww and Eww!

The AP reports:
A convicted cocaine smuggler has been arrested for running what authorities say appears to be a bestiality farm in Washington state in which visitors could engage in all sorts of twisted sex acts with animals.

Douglas Spink was arrested at his ramshackle, heavily wooded compound near the Canadian border in Whatcom County along with a 51-year-old tourist from Great Britain who is accused of having sex with three dogs.

Dozens of dogs, horses and pet mice were seized, along with what investigators described as thousands of images of bestiality and apparent child pornography. The mice were euthanized, said Whatcom County Sheriff Bill Elfo, whose office assisted federal agents in the case.

"This stuff is just truly bizarre," he said. "These were mice that had their tails cut off, they were smothered in Vaseline and they had string tied around them."

It wasn't immediately clear whether other zoophilic tourists had been to Spink's farm, but Assistant U.S. Attorney Susan Roe said Friday, "I expect there may have been other people visiting the property."

Spink has not been charged with any bestiality or child porn charges at this point, only with violating the terms of his supervised release. Stephen Clarke of Peterborough, England, was arrested on state charges for allegedly abusing the dogs.
Police were tipped off about what's happening on the farm by the attorneys representing this freak. The attorneys told authorities 39-year-old Douglas (pictured) was calling their office "incessantly" about their client. When they swooped down on Douglas' home, they found a video of Stephen having sex with the dogs. The video was just shot. How did they know this? Stephen was on the property at the time of the raid and he was wearing the same clothes as he did in the video.

And, oh, regarding those smuggling charges. Douglas was arrested in 2005 after cops pulled him over and found in his vehicle almost 375 pounds of cocaine, valued at $34 million! He served a measly three-year prison sentence because of his "extensive cooperation with investigators."


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