Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Woman Shoots, Kills Cousin Over 'Inappropriate' Easter Outfit

Columbus, Ohio police say a woman shot her second cousin dead during an argument that started because one woman didn't think the other was dressed properly for Easter dinner.

According to the AP, 19-year-old Danielle Pickens showed up on Sunday night at the home of Evelyn Burgess wearing a T-shirt tied around her midriff and jean shorts. Evelyn, who's 42 years old, took offense to the outfit saying it "was inappropriate and disrespectful to wear at Easter dinner." Danielle's sister, Ralinda, said Evelyn also accused Danielle of flaunting her looks around other men at the party, including her husband. Then all hell broke loose!
A fight broke out with Evelyn Burgess and Danielle struggling with a baseball bat, then ended as Ralinda Pickens broke things up, got her sister outside and prepared to drive her home. The sisters were in the car when Burgess came running up with a gun, reached inside the car, pulled Danielle by the hair and shot her as she tried to seek shelter under her older sister, Ralinda Pickens said. Burgess then walked back inside her house, sat down on a couch, told people what had happened and waited for the police, Ralinda Pickens said.
In the 911 call released today, Evelyn (pictured) calmly told police: "I just shot my niece. I didn't mean to do it. We was arguing, I tried to get my gun to prove a point, they got the rifle with me and it went off."

When the dispatcher asked where Danielle was, Evelyn said bluntly: "In the car. I think she's dead."

Evelyn, who is actually Danielle's older second cousin, has been charged with murder.

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