Friday, May 21, 2010

DC Kids Want Magnums... So, Magnums They Get

Students attending high schools in Washington, DC have been complaining that the free condoms they receive from the school nurse were too, ahem, small. So, they're pressured officials to shell out more money for Trojans, specifically the brand's super-size variety, Magnum.

The city is more than willing to oblige. They're trying to curtail the number of teen pregnancy and prevent the transmission of STDs. As we told you last year, Washington, DC holds the record no one wants -- it's the US city with the most people living with HIV/AIDS. While on a lighter note: on the list of cities with men with the largest penises, DC came in second. In light of this condom size upgrade, we reckon it's time someone do a recount.

Who wants to volunteer to verify the measurements? Not so fast! You could probably be brought up on charges touching those young boys.

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