Friday, May 21, 2010

Madonna's Age-Defying Secret Has Been Bottled + NeNe's New Nose Revealed

Some folks are just too clever! Love it!

While on the topic of transformations. We've been reading that one Linnethia Leakes (co-star of Real Housewives of Atlanta) went out and purchased a new accessory. A nose. In fact, according to RadarOnline, this is NeNe's third nose job in the quest to not look-a-like-a man.

Okay, we'll tell you evrytin.

Linnethia's friends believe she's addicted to plastic surgery. How addicted? Michael Jackson addicted, chile!

"She has been told that it will take a few months to calm down but she is already saying that she will get more surgeries on her nose because she is not happy with it," the source said. "The rumor is that she has also had some work done on her stomach and viewers are going to see a much slimmer NeNe when the show returns this year. Her friends and family are worried that she will get addicted to plastic surgery, but sadly the producers of the show are not discouraging because they think it adds some drama for the fans. When NeNe goes out in Atlanta she gets upset because people call her ‘Tranny’ because of the way she looks and she actually thought that Bravo would green light her own show but to date that has never happened. It’s sad because without all that make-up she’s actually quite a good-looking woman but she seems to be hell-bent on changing the way she looks.”

Dwight, is this you talking? Cause you know his nose is one surgery more away from becoming extinct like the dinosaurs. Then again, it's probably What's-Her-Face's former publicist, What's-His-Face, giving Radar the tea.

Anywho, come this fall when the fake reality show returns, we'll all get to look and point at Linnethia's new nose. BTW: It's interesting to note, almost everyone in the Housewives franchise has had something (or, a lot) of things done.

The old nose, in case you were wondering, is on the left; It's all but medical waste now.

Update: According to Linnethia, she didn't have a nose job.
She told The Ricky Smily Morning Show, "I am very recognizable. Don't believe everything you hear. Understand that a lot of the pictures are Photoshopped and the pictures that I saw of me [were] from Sheree's 'Dancing with the Stars' night and we were wearing fun makeup. I had makeup on the top, I had makeup on the bottom, I had makeup on my nose and all of a sudden my nose is very, very small. My nose was contoured at the dancing event and everyone is making a big deal out of it."

Update, Oct. 21: Linnethia is a liar! In a People magazine article, she confirmed that she had a nose job, liposuction and a breast reduction (from DDs to a D) in April 2010. "I still wanted to look like NeNe, the black woman that I am," she said, "but a better version." In other news: We now totally believe her marriage to Gregg is over.

Here's a photo of the new nose post-surgery.

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