Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Oprah's Mom Debunks Paternity Claims

In Kitty Kelley's recent Oprah tell-all, it's alleged that the talk show queen doesn't know who her real father is, because Vernon Winfrey, who she's known to be her biological father, is nothing but a stranger. Family members interviewed for Kitty's book say Oprah's real father is 84-year-old WWII veteran Nohr Robinson.

Oprah called that claim ridiculous and scoffed at the idea that she will take a paternity test to prove Nohr is her bio-dad because she's "never heard of him."

Oprah's mother, Vernita Lee, has never heard of old man Nohr, either.

In an exclusive interview with N'Digo magazine, the 75-year-old says she doesn't know who that man is and he's nothing but a liar looking for a handout.

“I never seen him before,” she says. “I really think this is outrageous for that man to say that and I don’t even know him. I would have to know him to be Oprah's father and I don't know him at all. He wants Oprah to give him some money. That's why he's saying he is her father."

In the interview, which is available tomorrow, Vernita said when she was 20 years old, she left Oprah in Mississippi while she moved to Milwaukee in search of a better life for her and her children.

“I am a good mom,” Vernita says. “I know I am a good mom. When my children were small, I took care of them."

She also refutes claims that Oprah has deserted her. In fact, she says, her daughter takes great care of her and has hired a team of people to tend to her at her Wisconsin retirment home.

"I am happy and I hope everyone can be as happy as I am," she says.

Update: Kitty's got the claws out!
In a response to Oprah referring to her book as a "so-called biography," Kitty says: "What amazes me is that this is the first full, comprehensive biography ever done....Oh, honey, if this is a 'so-called biography,' all 550 pages, 850 interviews, documents, letters and diary extracts, I'd like to see a real biography."

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