Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Woman Plasters Brooklyn With Details of How Cheating Ex-Boyfriend Did Her Wrong

A 44-year-old Brooklyn man thought he hit the gold mine! He found a woman who loved him. She took him (and his daughter) in. She gave him "everything he wanted and needed" -- including money. But while she was at work making money to pay all of the bills, the bastard was slaying all of Brooklyn in her apartment.

When the woman found out about the slay-ations, however, she got her revenege -- plastering these posters all over their Williamsburg neighborhood complete with a photo of the cheater and the disgusting details of the affairs and why he's a loser.

Here's an excerpt. [clears throat]
Well she found out that not only was I cheating on her, but while she was at work, I was bringing women to HER apaarment. Yes that would be the one only she paid the bills for. I had mad passionate nasty sexy with them ALL OVER the apartment. Oh and I did all of that without a condom. NASTY right? Well needless to say when she found out, I was put out. So now I am a non-skilled bum with no home."
Zing! Thanks for the PSA, girl.

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