Friday, June 25, 2010

Woman Flashes Breasts to Noisy 5-Year-Old Boy

Marika De Florio of Seeleys Bay, Ontario, Canada (pictured) says she is sick and tired of her neighbors’ 5-year-old grandson driving a loud ATV for hours which is disturbing her right to peace and quiet, so the 56-year-old racked her, ahem, brain and came up with a plan.
De Florio has discovered that if she goes out topless, to the horror of the boy’s grandparents, they will take the child into the house.

“It is maddening,” she said of the noise.

“I’m going mental. I can’t breathe and I’m not moving, but I need some peace. I can’t believe I did this, but they pulled the kid inside and then called police because of their small-town mentality.”

De Florio said she will continue to go topless every time the child rides the ATV.

De Florio says the problems with her neighbours, Mike and Nancy Berry, started two years ago when she moved to the area and he helped her get her lawnmower going.

Leeds OPP, which covers Seeley’s Bay, have received complaint calls from both De Florio and the Berrys.

She is not breaking the law, because in Canada women are allowed to be topless.

“There is not a criminal charge for that ... not since 1996,” said Toronto Police Const. Isabelle Cotton.

De Florio says she decided to go topless to solve the problem because police wouldn’t do anything about the ATV noise. De Florio says baring it all is the bravest thing she has ever done.

“I’ll do what I have to eradicate this problem. I didn’t buy a house by a racetrack,” she said.

Mike Berry says he is at the end of his rope.

“I’m not happy with what has been going on,” he said.

“We need a little give and take. It isn’t right to go around topless in front of kids. I don’t want to stir things up.”
That'll learn him!

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Florida Science said...

Why is it bad to go around topless around kids? Breasts are only sexual because media makes it sexual. they were made for our children..nothing else...I say, GO TOPLESS!

Unknown said...

Ms De Florio didn't "flash" nor specifically "expose" herself to the child -- she remained on her own property tending to her gardening, albeit topless. That is NOT by definition flashing nor exposing oneself from the perspective of lewdness, sexual advance on a child, nor against the law in Ontario. Would seem that if the police had upheld the law, or Children's Aid had investigated relative to an unattended child driving an ATV around public streets and the neighbourhood, or reasonable attempts to mediate this by the police had been made it wouldn't have gotten this far out of hand -- Ms De Florio would have gotten the peace and quiet of property everyone has a right to and all the negative media attention towards the grandparents, the child and lack of appropriate police response in the first place could have been avoided.

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