Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Man Goes Cruising For Sex, Returns in a Body Bag

This story is so bizarre, we don't know what -- or who -- to believe. Let's discuss. According to police, 48-year-old DeFarra "Dean" Gaymon was in Newark, NJ to attend his 30th high school reunion last Friday but made a pit-stop to a local park where he was witnessed having sex with someone -- or himself. According to an "undercover" officer, he lost his handcuffs after chasing and arresting another man for having sex in the park, so he went back to look for the cuffs. Upon locating the handcuffs, he bent down to retrieve them and at that exact moment DeFarra, who was "engaged in a sex act" (read: masturbating), propositioned him for sex. He refused, identified himself as a cop, showed DeFarra his badge and told him he was under arrest. He claimed DeFarra shoved him to the ground and ran. After a foot chase, he demanded that DeFarra stop and the suspect "lunged" at him and threatened to kill the officer. The officer responded with gun fire. DeFarra was pronounced dead at a local hospital. So, let's talk about it: We all know New Jersey is the "How You Doin" state, so was this "undercover" officer trying to get it in with DeFarra? Should police departments throughout the country be spending so much time in parks hunting down and arresting men cruising for sex? Last time we checked, Newark has some real dangerous criminals it should be chasing. And what does mayor Cory Booker think of this sting?

We know what you're asking: Yes, DeFarra was married with four kids and he lived in Atlanta, chile. Legendary!

source 1 | source 2
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