Thursday, July 8, 2010

Woman Dies While Pleasuring Herself

Life is cruel. But if it's your time to go, why not go out with a, um, bang.

A woman, who was relatively healthy, was found dead by at her home in Cirencester in southwestern England last October.

After a lengthy investigation into her death, pathologists have concluded that Nicola Paginton suffered a cardiac arrest and died while using a dildo, which cops found near her body. They also found a laptop which was still playing porn when they broke her into apartment hours later after her boss called them to report that Nicola didn't show up for work and wasn't reachable by phone.

According to reports, pathologist Dr Richard Jones could find no abnormalities in her organs and her friends said she seemed "fit and well" the day before her death.

"There is nothing in the heart which I can find to explain why Nicola died suddenly," he said. "But I suspect it does represent a sudden cardiac arrest ... In Nicola’s case there is another potential trigger and that is an increase in heart rate or blood pressure because of physical and emotional arousal."

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