Friday, September 17, 2010

11,000 People Died in Russia This Summer

Global warming is no joke.
Moscow registered nearly 11,000 deaths due to an unprecedented heatwave this summer, a city official said, as the mortality rate more than doubled in the Russian capital. In August alone, 15,016 deaths were registered in the city of more than 10 million people, compared with 8,905 for the same period last year - an increase of 6,111 deaths, city official Evegenya Smirnova said. A month earlier, Moscow saw 4,824 deaths more compared with the same period in July 2009. Overall, the city experienced 10,935 deaths linked to the extreme temperatures and stifling smog over the two months from July to August, which represents a 60 per cent rise in the mortality rate.
The local media reported that morgues were overflowing, but the Russian government has still not public commented on the alarming number of deaths, which authorities have partially attributed a large number of drownings as Russians rushed to escape the sweltering temperatures topping 100ºF which lasted several weeks.
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