Friday, September 17, 2010

McDonald's Serves Up New Burger -- the McBitten

John Carel, a minister from Eureka Springs, Ark., ordered a hamburger from a McDonald's drive-through window earlier this month -- but someone else had taken a bite out of sandwich.
When he opened the box and saw that one big and perfect bite was already missing, and realized the burger was cold as well, he made a beeline back to McD's and asked for the manager. He spoke with a manager he identified as "Larry" and showed him the burger, still in the box. When Larry asked him what he wanted to do about it, Carel said, "I'd like to go into the kitchen and find out who did this and talk to him." According to Carel, Larry then told him it was a hamburger that a previous customer had returned, apologized for it being sold that way, and laughed it off. Carel was not amused. He obtained a refund slip with Larry Wright's signature on it and kept the burger. "I have several avenues in mind of making this the most expensive hamburger they ever sold," Carel said. "I wish I could just throw it in the trash, but then I'd feel bad if it continued to happen and someone got sick because I didn't speak up. There's enough negativity in this world without spreading more, so we try to stay positive; but this McDonald's has been a mess for years."
He plans to report the incident to the Arkansas Department of Health. McDonald's, by the way, had no comment.

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