Friday, September 17, 2010

Woman Will Stab Any Bitch Who Talks Smack About Her Smelly Feet!

An Monroe, Wash. woman faces charges of second-degree assault with a deadly weapon after she stabbed a man in the back because he teased her about her stinky feet.
Dallas Amber Smith, 18, is accused of stabbing a man in the back at a party on Sept. 7. Smith first became upset when she was unable to do a back flip, Snohomish County deputy prosecutor Janice Albert wrote in court papers filed Wednesday. Smith and others were gathered at her ex-boyfriend’s home south of Monroe, watching a movie and drinking. She boasted to party-goers that she was good at doing back flips and that she could do one off anything, court papers said. A man, 19, challenged her to do a flip off the deck. Smith took off her shoes and attempted the maneuver. She couldn’t do it. That’s when the man laughed at her and told her that her feet smelled, Albert wrote. Smith started to playfully wrestle with the man, rubbing her socks in his face. She started hitting him. After several seconds, he pushed her away, Albert wrote. She grabbed her coat, picked up a steak knife and headed for the door. On the way, Smith walked up to the man and stabbed him in the back, court papers said. The man and others called 911. A sheriff’s deputy found the man sitting on porch with the knife sticking out of his back, the blade buried a few inches in. His lung had collapsed from the stabbing. The man is expected to recover from the injury.
When police arrested Dallas at her mother's house, she pretended to not know anything about the stab-ation, but she confessed to a friend and wait, there were witnesses at the party. Donkey!

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