Tuesday, January 25, 2011

WATCH: 41-year-old Man with 23 Kids, Parenting FAIL, Soccer Fans WIN

41-year-old Larry Luther of Thibodaux, La. has 23 (count 'em -- 23!) kids, and the night club bouncer is proud of the fact that he takes care of every one of them like a responsible parent should. Must be a really, really nice nightclub in Thibodaux, La.

Disturbed lady tries (and fails) to kill herself in Atlanta.

Can you assist these fine folks?

Flavor Flav fries chicken in Iowa. He owns the joint.

FIGHT! These wonderful parents get into a brawl inside a Chuck E. Cheese restaurant while their children look on.

FIGHT! These bitches tore this South Carolina iHOP up! (LOL at all the people standing idly by with camera phones...)

FIGHT! On second thought: It's best to just stand by and call the police. A Wendy's worker was attacked by some rude ass teenage girls when she told them to stop fighting and throwing food in the NYC restaurant.


This attention whore who went on the Internet to find a husband in the hopes of getting married on February 15, the same date her grandparents tied the knot decades ago, didn't actually find a man of her dreams. Shocking, we know. But, she's now giving away all of the free swag she received.

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