Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Wait, So Rihanna is a Lesbian After All?

Video girl Natajah "Tajah" Burton has written a pseudo tell-all book called Low Down Dirty Shame in which she infers that she and Miss Fenty had a lesbian relationship -- or at least, a one-night stand. It sounds like a work of fiction to us, but....The story began yesterday when Fred and dem over at Mediatakeout published this excerpt: “A friend of mine introduced me to this Barbadian pop R&B artist a while ago. I had heard her music numerous times and was a fan of her unique sound. I jokingly told him I wanted to talk to her. He told me on the sly that he wasn’t sure she was into women but that he would confirm. We exchanged contact and it went on from there....Sex came up immediately she was a freak.....She went down and gave me head. I didn't stop her. She bragged about the way I tasted and then after I came she snapped out of it and would get right back into her music....I never went down on her. She was more interested in pleasing me." Maybe she did the eating because she had a herpes break-out. Hmmmmm. (Everyone assumes Natajah's referring to Miss Fenty, but the "Barbadian pop R&B atist" who swims in the lady pond could be this person.) Well, the seed that Miss Fenty is a lesbian has long been sowed by Wendy -- who, once upon a time, told it like it t-i-is is. Also in the book: Natajah relays stories of the seedy underbelly of the music industry and shares stories of herself hoeing it up in Hollywood, but -- again -- refrained from naming names.
Tajah confirmed to RadarOnline.com that she had an affair with a “famous female R & B artist” but refused to name names as she does not want to be responsible for outing people against their wishes. However, she shared that the unnamed artist was “amazing” and that they “really hit it off” before going on to tell RadarOnline.com that she was actually “one of the reasons I started writing my book – she was that voice, that light into my life.” Tajah said that she believes the singer had dated women before and that they had a passionate fling that ended when their schedules became busy and it was difficult to find time to see each other – she says that they still remained in contact with each other though after the affair ended. Tajah told RadarOnline.com that she also dated “a very well known actress, a lot older, who also worked as a model” and a “well known female reality TV star.” She says that the actress, a very well respected figure in the African American community, was not officially out as a lesbian but that it was the “worst kept secret in Hollywood.”
She added: “I was blown away by how many athletes are gay. I would go to parties and see these major league football and basketball stars... with guys. I guess it was all the more shocking to me because these guys have such a supposed ‘macho’ image, you don’t expect to find out they are into other men.” She ain't said nothing but a word. Too bad, Superhead and Wendy have already exposed these secrets and named names.

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