Wednesday, January 26, 2011

WATCH: Megan McGlover is Back!, Soldier Proposes to Wrong Woman, KFC's Maggot-Infested Chicken

Megan McGlover from Atlanta, Geor-jaah is back with a weather report and she's sick and tired of being cold. Hear! Hear!

A British soldier, who was at war overseas, professed his love for his pregnant girlfriend named Samantha in England and asked her to marry him on voicemail. The problem is: He called the wrong number! This is so touching....

What's that smell? A half ton of pigeon droppings that almost killed a woman pumping gas at a Vacaville, Calif. gas station.

A Filipino health worker demonstrates how to put on a condom on an erect penis using your mouth!

A Chattanooga, Tenn. pervert who stands on his balcony pleasuring himself is behind bars where he can pleasure himself as much he wants to.

After all the beat downs, shootings and tainted food, it behooves us why anyone still eats at fast food restaurants. Michelle Salazar went to a KFC in San Fernando, Calif. and found maggots in the bucket of chicken.

Man with food is attacked by a troop of very hungry monkeys.

FIGHT! During a court hearing yesterday in Columbus, Ga., Zyderrious Platt who is on trial for shooting his pregnant wife Jilani Platt in the head; she died. During the hearing, Zyderrious was attacked by Jilani's brother, Jeryl Carter. As deputies wrestled Jeryl to the ground and subdued him, he was wailing, screaming: “I’ll kill him; I’ll kill him. My sister didn’t deserve that shit. I am going to kill him. Please let me kill him. I promise you I'll kill him." Pretty emotional stuff. Jeryl was not charged.

FIGHT! Honestly this isn't funny. It's sad -- and we're embarrassed. (White people, skip this and watch the next video.) These bitches need to expend all this pent up animosity and energy on a treadmill -- not each other.


A grand piano, which weighs at least 650 pounds, recently showed up on a sandbar in Miami's Biscayne Bay. No one knows how it got there and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission doesn't plan to remove it.

Update: Piano mystery solved.

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