Thursday, February 24, 2011

Gayle King: 'Oprah is Not Enough For Me'; Asks Matchmaker to Set Her Up With Women: report

If what we're about to tell you is true, Gayle King and Oprah's relationship is about to come to a screeching, fiery and spectacular end. According to The National Enquirer, Gayle -- who has been divorced since 1993 and has two grown children -- is desperate to find love again, and she wants Stedman Graham, Oprah's boyfriend. The tabloid sources say "Gayle has always had her eye on Stedman. She thinks he's a great companion, and she'd happily trade places with Oprah and be with Stedman until she finds the woman she's looking for." Wait, what? Hold on. Gayle has allegedly told friends "Oprah isn't enough for me anymore!" No, seriously. What? Orly The Matchmaker (real name: Orly Hadida) says Gayle hired her to help find a companion. Since Stedman isn't available, Orly set her up with dozens of prospects who met her specific criteria: They had to be exactly like Stedman, tall and wealthy. Orly, who's known as the "world's priciest" and "best matchmaker", said Gayle wouldn't settle for a man who was merely "well off", he had to be rolling in dough and willing to spend it all on her. After going on dates with these men, however, Orly said "that's when Gayle became curious about women." Their business relationship soon evaporated, now Orly is going in!

[Caution: Grease ahead!]
After Gayle approached her, Orly set her up with "wonderful, gorgeous and influential" men, but none met with Gayle's approval, she said.

"Ultimately, Gayle passed on all of them -- after they took her out and fed her, of course!" said Orly, who runs the Web site and is world famous for fixing up the elite.

But one date -- a gentleman who worked at the White House -- complained Gayle fell far short of his standards, said Orly.

"This particular gentleman told me Gayle wasn't intelligent enough for him," Orly said. "He said that all she talked about was fashion or premieres and openings she was going to attend with Oprah. Nothing substantive. He also said she ordered the most expensive things on the men, and ate a lot!"
Some clients actually nixed meeting Gayle when they learned she was their date, Orly said.

"The last man who refused to go out with Gayle called her husky!" said Orly.

On top of her impossible dating standards, Gayle is also cheap, said Orly.

"Gayle often called me to see how she could get free clothes and shoes," Orly claimed. "She once sent me a picture of her with Oprah at an event. She said if I asked designers to send her comped dresses, she'd wear them when she was photographed with Oprah and mention their names. I declined."

Another time, Gayle excitedly told her that producer/director Tyler Perry had gifted both her and Oprah with a brand-new Bentley similar to the one she owned, said Orly.

"Later, Gayle asked me how much a Bentley cost. When I told her around $400,000, she asked me if I thought she should sell the car! I was shocked," Orly revealed.

Orly also welcomed Gayle into her Beverly Hills home because Gayle said she had nowhere else to stay.

"Obviously, Gayle can afford a hotel room, but she doesn't want to pay for it herself! When she travels with Oprah, everything is paid for," pointed out Orly, who claims her matchmaking has resulted in dozens of marriages.

In the end, Gayle never paid her, so Orly dumped her as a client.

"I do expect my clients to compensate me for my services. Unfortunately, Gayle didn't want to pay me," said Orly. "Besides, after working with her for years, I've finally come to the conclusion that there isn't a person on the plant good enough for her!"
Source: The National Enquirer, March 7, print edition
The report didn't say if Gayle, 56, went on any dates with women or how deep she swims (or paddles) in the lady pond. Sidebar: Is a matchmaker ethically allowed to throw this kind of grease at an ex-client? Wooooooooooooow!!!

Here's Orly selling her matchmaking service on several TV programs.

When Lady Gaga appeared on Gayle's talk show this morning, Gayle greeted her wearing nothing but a one-piece Spanx, fishnets and heels. Ehaow!

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