Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Man Says Sound of Boss' Voice Made Him Physically Ill. Yep, That's a Lawsuit!

Anthony Dingle, who worked as a superintendent ant at one of NYC's housing projects, has filed a lawsuit against his boss, whom he claims verbally abused him after he complained to her superiors. In the lawsuit, Anthony (pictured) says Demetrice Gadson is a self-aggrandizing bitch and the sound of her voice would make him vomit. Literally.
"I was constantly being attacked by her. I felt like attacks could come at any time. Every time I heard her voice, it triggered a sickening feeling in me," Dingle said through his lawyers, Michael Borrelli and Alexander Coleman. Dingle, 48, claims that his boss became verbally abusive after he blew the whistle on her for alleged shenanigans. He says he was forced to go to a doctor because of the abuse to get "prescribed medication to calm his stomach and to get his intestinal system properly functioning," the Manhattan Supreme Court suit charges. A colleague even told him that Gadson relished in his suffering, the suit alleges, saying, "I did not know that I made men throw up" — and then laughed hysterically. Gadson, 43, who is deputy director of the Housing Authority’s Manhattan Management unit, was so heartless that she even chastised Dingle as he grieved for his dead uncle, the suit says. While Dingle was attending his uncle’s funeral in South Carolina, Gadson allegedly fired off e-mails to him that ripped him for not requesting overtime to address certain issues and accusing him of "not knowing his role." "She showed me a complete lack of respect," Dingle said through his lawyers. Dingle’s health continued to deteriorate, the suit says, and he suffered from a bleeding prostate that was treated by a urologist. He was so beaten down emotionally that he sought out a shrink. "Mr. Dingle began seeing a psychological therapist, and he continues, to date, to see this therapist on a weekly basis," the suit charges. The suit, filed late last year against the Housing Authority and Gadson, alleges the boss began verbally bashing Dingle after he complained about her to higher ups while he was superintendent at the Polo Grounds Towers in Harlem. It follows a federal suit filed by Dingle against both last year.
Anthony's lawsuit against the Housing Authority was dismissed by a judge, but the case against Demetrice is working its way through the system.

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