Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Star Jones Wants to Remarry Big Gay Al: report

Six years after her highly-publicized and much-maligned wedding to (and subsequent divorce from) Al Reynolds, Star "I'm a Lawyer" Jones Reynolds wants to marry him again even though her friends, The National Enquirer and everyone in the blogosphere, has told her, he's gay! Apparently, that bit of information is irrelevant, because she wants a second shot, according to this report by the Enquirer.
"Star have never gotten over Al," a close friend confided to The Enquirer. "She's determined to get their relationship back on track, and marry him again.

The two started dating in November 2003 and almost immediately the happy couple had to defend Al's sexuality after men came out in public claiming to be his ex-boyfriends.

Other published reports claimed Al regularly hit The Roxy, a well-known gay club in New York.

"Her friend urged her to step back and rethink her relationship because of his gayness, but Star wears blinders when it comes to Al," said the close friend.

Star - then co-host of daytime TV's "The View" -- and Al tied the knot on Nov. 13, 2004, in a lavish, star-studded bash in New York City. Star filed for divorce in March 2008 after bitter battles over money and other issues.

...And despite the gay rumors and their nasty divorce, 48-year-old Star has reignited their relationship, said the source.

"They've been e-mailing one another," divulged the source. "Everyone close to her is shocked, but Star feels it's a good beginning. She and Al are very friendly and even laughing again. That's what Star says she missed most, laughing with Al. At the end of the day, only Star and Al known the truth about the gay rumors -- and they're the only ones that matter."
This bit of information is shocking since last we heard, the former couple wasn't on speaking terms. In 2006, Star threatened to sue The Enquirer because she became "emotional and stressed" after the tabloid said Big Gay Al is gay and their marriage was falling apart. This was about the same time she told an interviewer her marriage was solid and she and Al had an "unbreakable bond." As you see, the Enquirer isn't afraid to say it like it t-i-is, so we wonder how Star, who's in Celebrity Apprentice castmate Linnethia Leakes' line of fire, will handle this report about her undying love for Al. (Sidebar: After the divorce, Al moved to Florida to take a teaching job at a university. From what we read, he no longer has that job.)

Source: National Enquirer, Feb. 28, print edition.
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