Thursday, February 10, 2011

Student Killed By 'Backroom' Butt Implant Surgery Had Big Dreams of Shaking Those Fake 'Assets' in Music Videos

In Tuesday's videos, we brought you the story of a 20-year-old British college student who died after undergoing butt implant surgery in a Philadelphia hotel room. As it now turns out, Claudia Aderotimi (picture, above) wanted a bigger butt, because she wanted to be a video girl.
Talent scout Tee Ali, who met the university student when she filmed a video, told The Sun: "She was a dancer and choreographer. The problem was she didn't have no butt, and she wanted a butt. She went to audition for one video shoot wearing fake booty pants and she got all the attention. But when they found out it was fake she didn't get asked back." He described her as "victim" of social pressure to be perfect and thought a larger bottom would make her famous. The Thames Valley University student developed chest pains and struggled for breath 12 hours after she had the illegal silicone injections at a budget hotel. She was taken to hospital but could not be saved. A preliminary examination found the silicone filler had leaked into her bloodstream, leading to heart failure. American detectives are investigating whether she was treated with cheap "industrial" silicone, normally used as a sealant, rather than medical-grade material used in breast implant surgery.
Reportedly, Claudia underwent the $1800 butt implants last November and traveled to Philly this week (along with three friends) for a follow-up where the "doctor" injected liquid silicone directly into her buttocks, which aside from being unsanitary -- it's illegal. (Silicone encased in an implant are legal, however.) Police interviewed a woman who arranged the silicone party, but have not made ant arrests. Claudia's official cause of death has not been released, pending the results of the autopsy and toxicology results, which are expected within six weeks.

Update: It looks like this was some sort of pump party, chile. According to reports, cops have questioned a 26-year-old known as "Big Butt Sasha" or "Sasha Newbody," who advertises online offering to arrange -- for a fee -- "butt injections and enlargements." Miss Newbody (pictured, below) was the go-between and the "doctor", who's believed to be a tranny. (Sidebar: Sasha's real name is Scheffee Wilson and she's an actress who appeared in "American Gangster." Here's her face.)

Update #2: Here is Claudia and friend Theresa Roshay shaking their padded asses on YouTube to Soulja Boi's "Booty Meat".

Update #3: Ring the alarm! Cops are looking for this bitch. The tranny, whose name is Padge Victoria Windslowe aka "Lillian Languri" aka "Lillian Lang" has been named a person of interest. (Her stage name is "Black Madam" -- cause, you see, Miss Windslowe is a "singer.") This is a photo of one Miss Windslowe, who's 42 years old.

Here's her "music" "video"....

...And an interview on the "set" of said "music" "video".

On the morning of the deadly surgery, Miss Windslowe tweeted this:

On a plastic surgery forum littered with women seeking backroom butt injections, Miss Windslowe wrote: "Why stop at a bigger back side...get Breast inplant, lipo suction ,tummy tucks,nose jobs and more for under $3,000+travel me at for more info..."

Which resulted in these dangerous responses from dozens of former "patients" bragging about the dangerous surgery and how many CCs of the dangerous and illegal silicone they received from Miss Windslowe and other injectors....

One wrote: "Ms Lillian is the bomb, she is like a mother figure, she made me feel @ home, answered all my questions, even called to check on me. I got 600 cc but want 400 more later." Said another: "i got my procedure done with lillian on saturday.i have to say ms.g is a sweetheart and her work is good, i know from experience cause i been to her many times, but i do prefer to go to lillian.she explains more and does the procedure different from ms.g.she also forms your butt to look like an apple, which i know everyone wants to achieve that look.i'm going back for another session in a couple of weeks,if anyone is interested. leave your email, and i will respond."

And other: "Hello Ladies,
After much research on all products and all available connects I finally did it. I received adatosil 5000 (medical grade silicone oil) injections from Lillian yesterday I only got 500 ccs (250 ccs per side) and I thought I wouldn't be able to see much difference but I was wrong. I'm loving it. First she numbed me and then did the actual injections so I mostly felt pressure with very minimal pain. Im still a little sore though. But I have been massaging like she said so its starting to feel better. I took before pics and I'm gonna take some afters when I get a chance for whom ever is interested and If anyone is interested in going to her, she's based in Philly so you would have to travel there. Leave your email and I will pass your info on to her.
P.S. I plan to go back mid August, haven't decided on a specific date yet I'm in Baltimore MD so any ladies in or in the surrounding area wanna team up and go to save a little money let me know
*Hugs -n-Kisses*

And this: "*********Attention All Lillian Clients********** Im sure we all agree with the fact that Lillian is the bomb. I think she deserves a shot out for her work. I have a doctor of 15 years and dont feel as comfortable around them as I do Lillian. Soon as I met her I knew I was going to be fine. She answered all questions, opened everything in front of me, & followed up to make sure I was OK. Her whole demenor was pleasant. So as a satisfied client I owe her much respect & appreciation. So ladies, If you have been to her as well, show some love for our girl....Lillian..She makes your dreams come true !!"

And this: "Lillian is the best at what she does, not only that, but she is so concern with how u r feeling throughout the procedure which makes u feel so comforatble with her.. I heart her, and her work as well. She is the Michelangelo of our era. If our butts would speak they would thank us for choosing her :)"

Seriously. We're sick.
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