Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wanna-Be Reality Star Slashes Bouncer's Face

Convicted felon and attention whore turned wanna-be reality TV personality Rashidah Ali, who the New York Daily News says has appeared on "Basketball Wives" and "Real Housewives of Atlanta," slashed Joseph Wright, a nightclub bouncer, with a razor blade her fingernails -- leaving him with what will undoubtedly be an ugly scar. Now news comes he's suing her ass for $10 million!
The Jan. 26 melee unfolded after Wright confronted two of Ali's friends for feeling up a bottle waitress, the civil complaint says. Wright, 31, said he was dragging two belligerent partygoers out of the VIP section when Ali rushed and clawed at him. "I felt her hand reach through and start grabbing at my face," he told the Daily News. "She's clawing over my eye, at my face, and I didn't feel anything at first....Then I realized I felt the blood dripping down my shirt. I was leaking," the bouncer recalled. Ali and her entourage eventually fled in sports cars while Wright waited for an ambulance. Wright suffered a severed nerve and artery, and had to undergo surgery and receive 50 stitches. Ali describes herself on her website as a "shoe consultant to the stars," boasting Alicia Keys, Amber Rose and Kim Kardashian [Addendum: And Wendy] as clients. Since 2007, she has run boutiques in Harlem and Atlanta, where pumps go for as much as $1,200. But her business apparently hasn't given her good financial footing. Her Harlem shop, Bourgeoisie Shoes, recently shuttered because she owed six months of back rent, her landlord told The News. Last November, city cops also busted Ali on a grand larceny charge for skipping out on a bill at a Ritz-Carlton, according to a Manhattan criminal complaint. She has a court appearance on March 1. In 2005, the stiletto seller was convicted of attempted larceny in Connecticut and given three years of probation, according to court records.
We're wondering this barbarian isn't behind bars. (Cops are still investigating.)

Here's the bouncer's face after the attack. We find it hard to believe her fingernails did this much damage.

Update, Feb. 14: As suspected, Rashidah attacked Joseph with a razor blade that caused the 7-inch long cut on his face during her birthday party at Greenhouse nightclub in NYC on Jan. 26. On Feb. 11, Rashidah turned herself after Joseph picked her out of a police up and on Saturday, she was in court to face first-degree assault charges. If convicted, she faces 25 years in prison. Given her history as a thief, this bitch will definitely do time in prison.

Update, Feb 22
: We were on Team Joseph, then he made this video, threatening Rashidah and her brother's lives if she doesn't pay him. What a donkey! Hee-haw!

"Lucky I ain't fucking kill your ass....I'm trying to get paid, but if you don't, I'm definitely going to get your ass....She got me good. The bitch got me good....Dirty bitch."

Rashidah speaks out about the night of the attack, saying, of course, she's innocent.

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