Thursday, February 10, 2011

WATCH: Train Spotting, Baals Hating, Waves Crashing

This how you board a train in Burma?

Hairy balls. Er, Harry Baals. [snicker, snicker] The people of Fort Wayne, Indiana have voted to named a new government building the “Harry Baals Government Center," after a former mayor. But, officials can't get over the name Harry Baals! Harry Baals! Harry Baals!

In Hawaii, waves crash you and crush your skull.

Don't be stupid. Megan Mcglover, "your loyal reporter from Atlanta, Geor-jaah," is back with another weather and news report.

This Pakistani man, who was born with arms, is winning!

We're gonna take the less obvious route on this one and say this man isn't senile or wants to go up the escalator, he's merely using it as a stairmaster.

If at first you don't succeed...have a tantrum.

Prince doesn't come cheap. The legendary singer cancelled a performance hours before he was set to take the stage a benefit concert in Addison, Texas last weekend -- even though organizers were willing to pay him $1.5 million plus bonuses worth hundreds of thousands of dollars!

In related news: Prince is being sued by MCD Productions for an outstanding debt of $3 million following a canceled 2008 concert at Croke Park in Ireland. In other other Prince news: The musician donated $1 million and a Fender Stratocaster guitar to Harlem Children’s Zone in NYC.

And there's this. Today was the launch of the Verizon iPhone 4, so Apple and Verizon stores across the country had all man on deck to handle the throngs of people who usually show up for an iPhone launch. (In Verizon's case, launch of a phone that's been on the market for almost a year) Wait! Where are the people? Awkward.

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