Friday, February 4, 2011

WATCH: Awake During Surgery, Amazing Crash, Big Ginormous Booty Girls

Oh, the horror! Jana-Marie Bonar went under anesthesia for an open lung biopsy, but the anesthesia soon wore off and she was awake during the surgery. (She tried to get someone's attention, but because he body was effectively paralyzed, she couldn't so she endured -- and felt -- everything.)

Megan McGlover from Atlanta, Geor-jaah is back with another weather report for you bitches.

A family that fights together -- goes to jail together!

Fred Thomas Willard Jr. of Surry County, NC is crazy as hell. The 46 was charged with kidnapping after he his wife with a dog chain, spit on her, shocked her with an electric cord and forced her into a 40-inch-by-30-inch cage for "several hours."

Sharks swimming among a school of fish in the Maldives is not as scary as it sounds. (Well, we don't know what happened after the camera stopped rolling.)

Seventy-five people were injured in this insane crash in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The Republican Party (aka the Party of No) wants to ban traffic cameras -- which is absolutely ridiculous!

This woman is so excited about her leggings, she went dancing in the streets of Toronto.

NSFL! Cannot un-see.

Trolling the news. Heavy.

Dinesh Shivnath Upadhyaya, an Indian school teacher, stuffs 92 number 2 pencils into his mouth.

Fat cat can't jump. Poor thing.

Strippers have rights, too! Jiggles, a Seattle strip club is on the brink of being shutter (something to having to do with being directly across the street from a grade school) but they're not going down without a first-amendment fight.

The story of Whoopi Goldberg being a crackhead isn't much of a surprise, but did you know how she beat the bad habit?


LOOK! Here's some news you can use: Are you tired of pressing "1" for this or "2" for that when you call a company and pressing "0" doesn't take you to a real human? Who isn't. Well, this Web site shows you how to bypass those convoluted phone systems and speak with a real human at every company you call. Always.

OMFG someone is raping Spiderman! Call the cops!

(Update: Our bad. These are just scenes from Spiderman 4.)
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