Friday, February 18, 2011

WATCH: Ass Cam, Brawling Motorists

Even Jesus is an ass man. Halleloo!

Andrew Wilson, a 25-year-old Australian fisherman, swam for six hours after a wave knocked off off his boat Tuesday.

FIGHT! When a diligent and ill-equipped Nairobi cop tries to arrest a man a traffic infraction, chaos -- we say chaos! -- ensues.

Bwahahaha! The answers to this woman's final question is YES! When you're shopping at Walmart looking like a mess, you're in public and people can take pictures of you and make fun of you. It may hurt your feelings, but such is life.

FIGHT! When a woman told 72-year-old bus driver Tassos Kostopoulos she didn't have the $1.75 fare, the driver said she would have to get off the bus in Oakland Park, Fla. As she was leaving, she accidentally hit by one of the bus doors. Uh-oh! The woman went batshit crazy, cursing at Tassos and demanding he writes down his name and ID number because she is going to sue him. After giving him an earful, she decides to leave, but not without slapping the driver across the face. If you recognize her, ring the alarm, because police are looking for her.

Meanwhile in NYC...a bus driver leads passengers in song.

And Kerala, India...This bus driver gives riders an unexpected (and potentially deadly) trill ride.

The Australian morning show hosts love to whack guys off from a distance...

47-year-old Cicelia McKinnon of Naples, Fla. was walking her bicycle across a busy highway (in the dark!) when she was struck by a police cruiser. She said she was crossing the street in the dark to avoid being ticketed by police, because she did not have lights on her bicycle. Yea, sounds really safe. (She remains hospitalized and is in serious condition.)

We don't know if we should hold our breath or....

Production on Oxygen reality show "Bad Girls Boot Camp" was shut down -- and the girls evicted from a rented mansion -- a day before filming was set to begin Kenner, La.

When Kat Gray called 911 to report four men robbing a 14-year-old on a Seattle bus, she was told "you cannot report a theft that did not occur to you. The person who the items were stolen from has to report this." Yep! Sounds like a firing -- and a lawsuit!

Serene Branson, the CBS2 reporter whose on-air gibberish went viral, told the Early Show she meant to say a severe migraine prevented her from saying "Lady Antebellum swept the Grammys." Doctors diagnosed her with "migraine aura" -- a speech and sensory-impairing side effect of certain severe headaches.

Shock! Royce C. Shorter, the 53-year-old pastor at Royce Clinton Shorter Ministries in Renton, Wash., who was convicted of raping a 12-year-old girl rape in 1985 and charged with molesting a 15-year-old girl in 1993 was arrested yesterday and charged with the rape of a 15-year-old music student. Also not shocking: his congregants and fellow pastors say Royce is an innocent man. Unlikely.

Meanwhile in Chattanooga, Tenn...Ronnie Powe Jr., 27, a youth pastor, was caught giving a 15-year-old boy a professional.

Everything you need to know about the terms and words used to describe transgendered people in 12 minutes.

Flavor Flav fries chicken with Jimmy Kimmel.

As Fox KTVU Channel 2's Amber Lee reports on the goings-on in Egypt, a man shows viewers a moon.

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