Monday, February 28, 2011

WATCH: Critical Chaos, Yokeballing

Holy, hell! Last Friday a black VW Golf mowed down dozens of cyclists in Porto Alegre, Brazil. The cyclists (who come together once per month) were part of a protest to promote the use of bicycles as a means of transportation. Twelve were injured. Richard Neis, 47, was arrested the next day. He claims he acted in self defense (and was protecting his 15-year-old son) after cyclists started to bang on his car roof and broke its windows. He faces charges of attempted murder.

Newly released surveillance footage of a disaster at the L'Enfant Plaza metro station in Washington, DC after last year's Rally to Restore Sanity/Fear. How many plaintiffs can you count? We stopped at 40...

RIP. Fadwa Laroui, 25, died last week after dousing herself in flammable liquid then setting herself on fire in front of the town hall of Souk Sebt, in central Morocco. According to reports, Fadwa, a single mother of two, was denied public housing for low-income Moroccans because she was "a single mother and has not been a permanent resident of the town." Her self-immolation was an act of protest. Now, her children have no mother. (Note: This video is graphic.)

Hey, Pakistani man, we're gonna let you finish, but this is the best dance video of all time. Of all time.

We don't what the hell is going on in this video, but we hope someone was wearing a condom.

Heeeeyyyyyy!!! This fella is about get racial on your ass!

Seriously? WTFFF!!! (Dead @ " gives your face a better 'complecity'.") I can'ttttttttt!

A little salmonella goes a long way in Japan. No, seriously, what the fuck did I just watch.

After Lamar Odom missed two free throws, Kobe Bryant threw a towel in his face.

This Russian lady is way too old to be partaking in such activities, despite the constant flow of vodka... Then again, it's the economy stupid!

This is what happens when you stick your head in an alligator's (or is this a crocodile?) mouth, genius.

Parisians are mad as hell and they're not gonna take it anymore. They're sick and tired of hundreds of Muslims causing traffic jams and other headaches when they pray in streets-- which is illegal. (Sidebar: Could you imagine what would happen if Christians did this in a Muslim country?!)

A Fort Myers, Fla. police officer ushers 10 tiny ducklings across a bust street.

Meanwhile in California. A never-ended line of Los Angeles County Sheriff's cars.

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