Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Biological Female Spends $8000 on Surgery to Look Like a Drag Queen

Stop Us if You've Heard This One Before: Collagen Westwood, a 21-year-old aspiring British singer, is hellbent on people thinking she's a man in drag and has spent more than $8000 on plastic surgery to plump up her lips and straighten her nose to get the effect. She doesn't plan to stop there, though. As soon as she's garnered enough coins, she plans to get lipo, a boob job and have several ribs removed.
Collagen, who counts Lily Savage and 80s group Dead or Alive singer Pete Burns among her idols has also bought elaborate wigs and revealing low-cut dresses. The young woman said: "I've admired drag queens since I was a little girl. They're glamorous and beautiful - what woman wouldn't want to look like that? I have a couple of different wigs that I wear when I go out, and people are always assuming I'm a transvestite. I love it when people mistake me for a man. It doesn't offend me - I think drag queens look fantastic. Collagen spends at least three hours getting ready for a night out - and her huge blonde wig and elaborate make-up are so difficult to put on, she has to be helped by her make-up artist friend. She added: "I'm saving up for more surgery. I love being plastic. I can't wait until I've got enough for liposuction and to have some ribs removed - so I can fit into even smaller corsets, but I want a breast enlargement too. I have my lips plumped up with collagen injections every few months. I've always been fascinated by the elaborate clothes and make up that drag queens wear." Collagen said her mother had many friends who were drag queens when she was growing up and she always wanted to be like them. She said: "As a child, I used to love dressing up as Boy George and when I was a bit older, I used to enter talent contests as Cher. When I started secondary school, I got quite badly bullied, and I grew to hate the way I looked. From the age of about 12, I was desperate to have surgery and change my appearance. A lot of people have made fun of me and treat me like a bit of a freak, especially when I was at school - but I don't let them bother me now. I just get on with my own life, and concentrate on being happy." Collagen, who is now trying to launch a singing career, admitted that some of her friends and family are not accepting of her look. She added: "My partner, Ally, is a lot more reserved than I am - sometimes I think she wishes I'd tone it down a bit. She worries about my health and doesn't like me having surgery. But I love who I am - and I'll carry on trying to look like a drag queen."
Girl, as Lady Gaga says: Don't be a drag. Just a queen.

This is Collagen [hey, we just realized that that name is hilarious] in drag.

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