Friday, March 18, 2011

Elin Nordegren Buys $12.2 Million Mansion

From the looks of it, Elin Nordegren, the ex-wife of golfer and philanderer Tiger Woods, is putting some of that multi-multi-million divorce settlement to good use. According to Jose Lambiet over at Page2Live, Elin just paid a grip -- $12.2 million -- for a 17,178 square feet, six bedroom, eight bathroom mansion (complete with a 4,700-square-foot basement and an elevator) in Seminole Landing near North Palm Beach. Tiger's new home, which is 10 miles north, dwarfs in size to Elin's recent acquisition.
Nordegren had been looking for a place to rest her weary head through the fall and winter, and seemed to favor luxury beach condos in the Tequesta-Jupiter Island area. Instead, Nordegren was attracted by the guarded gates and privacy at Seminole Landing, a quiet community of 60 multi-million-dollar, 15,000-square-foot houses on at least one acre of land each. Her fellow residents include New York Giants great Tucker Frederickson. Her next-door neighbor is West Virginia playboy Christopher Cline, a coal magnate. “It’s a non event,” said Frederickson, the president of the homeowner’s association, when asked about the new resident’s arrival. The divorce settlement hammered out between the golfer and Nordegren, meanwhile, called for the two of them to live in close proximity so that both can be involved in their children’s education. Nordegren also holds a $54 million-mortgage on Woods’ house until he makes good on his part in the settlement, which is rumored to be in the $100-million range. The size Woods’ place, by the way, is barely 10,000-square-feet.
It sure must be nice to be Elin.

UPDATE, Jan. 5, 2012: You know what? It really, really is nice to be Elin. She just bulldozed that sucker (see photo, below) to make room for an even bigger estate.

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