Thursday, March 10, 2011

Family of Slain Good Samaritan Forgives Killer, Sues Starbucks

Back in March 2008, Roger Kreutz, 54, was killed while trying to prevent 19-year-old Aaron M. Poisson, who snatched the tip jar containing less than $5 from the counter of a Starbucks coffee shop in Crestwood, Mo., from getting fleeing. As the burglar was attempting to drive away, Roger was struck by Aaron's truck's open door and was then run over; He suffered severe head trauma and died two days later. (Before Aaron's identity was know, Starbucks offered $10,000 for information leading to an arrest. Aaron pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter, misdemeanor theft and leaving the scene of an accident and was setenced to one year in prison.) Roger's family forgave, they're suing Starbucks for wrongful death and negligence because the coffee shop failed to protect the tip jar. True story.
The suit, filed Monday in St. Louis County Circuit Court, seeks unspecified damages from the Starbucks Corp. on behalf of the estate of Roger Kreutz and his father, Edward Kreutz Sr....Poisson was a reluctant attendee at an unusual reunion at the store last year, in which two of Kreutz's brothers and other relatives rewarded Poisson with forgiveness, saying they knew he intended no harm. They hugged and cried together and planted a memorial tree. Poisson was not named in the suit. It alleges that Starbucks "did not employ security to prevent the perpetration of such crimes" and that it "invited the act of perpetration of said crime" by having a tip jar. As a "direct and proximate" result of this, Kreutz was killed after he was hit by the car, the filing claims. It says Starbucks had a duty to "exercise reasonable care" to protect Kreutz or give him adequate warning against harm.
We can't believe these people are serious. Let's see how fast this ridiculous suit gets tossed.
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