Thursday, March 10, 2011

WATCH: Man Playing in Traffic Gets Tased

And now for our featured presentation...."Please, don't kill me! They're gonna kill me. What did I do." We don't know what this idiot did, but he jumped out of his sister's (the woman in the jeans) car for no apparent reason and began to dart in and out of traffic in Pontiac, Mich. this afternoon. After a few minutes, police Tased his ass!

FIGHT! Weaves and fists were flying as a brawl breaks out between a group of trannies at La Fuente, a taco shop in San Diego. Sidebar: This shouldn't be confused with the other brawl at another taco shop earlier this week.

A Polish grandpa throws dog shit at dog owner who neglected to clean up after her pet.

Speaking of geriatrics, who said old people don't have a sense of humor.

Michelle Rodriguez wants you bitches to know she's not a lesbian. [She's bisexual?]

We don't know what this is by Aries Spears (Mad TV), but it makes us want to reach for a book. NSFW.

Dramatic survellieance video of a tornado destroying a hardware store in Theodore-Dawes, Ala. while employees were still inside.

A man is caught pissing on a TV crew's live truck during Brazil's Carnival.

President Obama says he was bullied as a kid because of name and big ears.

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